Neda is showing a picture of her disabled younger sister and her eyes are filling with tears. Neda takes full care of her two younger sisters, including disabled Ritaje and Yasmin, who was abandoned by her husband, as well as two nephews. The 39-year-old Neda has never been married -- she said she devoted her life to her family.

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Forty-four-year old Sandus lives with her two children in Baghdad’s neighbourhood of Karkh. The widow, whose husband was killed in an explosion in Baghdad last year, struggles to provide for her 10 and 11-year-old sons. She sells vegetables and fruits in a small street market and relies on help from neighbours and charity from mosques.

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BAGHDAD, Iraq 24 April 2014: Today the delegation from the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Iraq, led by the Ambassador, his Excellency Faruk Kaymakci, visited Mansour district of Baghdad where UNHCR started another round of distribution of core relief items kits to people displaced by the Anbar crisis. In this round UNHCR will distribute some 1,800 core relief items kits to families (in total some 12,000 people) who left Fallujah and Ramadi due to the conflict and found refuge with local communities in other parts of Iraq.

BAGHDAD – The UN World Food Programme (WFP) started this month providing emergency food assistance to almost quarter of a million people who have been affected by fighting in Al-Anbar.

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