Joint UN Secretary-General and UNSG Youth Envoy message | International Youth Day 12 August 2018

SG: I believe in the power of young people.

Peace, economic dynamism, social justice, tolerance – all this and more, depends on tapping into the potential power of youth. Not in some distant future, but today. Right now.

That is what International Youth Day is about.

Youth Envoy: The world’s young people need safe spaces where they can freely express their views and pursue their dreams -- public, civic, physical and digital spaces.

Today, more than 400 million young people live in areas affected by armed conflict or organized violence.

Millions more face deprivation, abuse, harassment, bullying and other infringements of their rights.

Young women and girls are particularly vulnerable, as are young refugees and migrants, youth living in conflict-prone or humanitarian settings, and LGBTQI young people.

SG: Young people need education and opportunities.

Decent jobs. Meaningful participation. A voice and a place at the table.

I am determined that the United Nations listens to the voices of young people, empowers them and follows their lead.

This September, we will launch a new UN strategy on Youth, stepping up our work with and for young people.

Youth Envoy and SG in the studio:

SG: In making the world safe for young people, we make the world better for all.

Youth Envoy: Happy International Youth Day!


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