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Expert Meeting on UPR recommendations - “Toward the Adoption of a UPR Regional Action Plan”

Erbil, 24 November 2016 - Under the auspices of the Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) Human Rights Office in cooperation with the Kurdistan Independent Board for Human Rights (IBHR) organized the Expert Meeting on Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on Thursday 24 November 2016 in Erbil.

A Steering Committee for UPR was established in early 2016 by the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region, Mr. Nechirvan Barzani, to draft the Regional Plan of Action on the implemention of the recommendations of the second cycle of UPR of Iraq that are applicable in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I). The Steering Committee, chaired by the Head of DFR, Minister Falah Mustafa, and membership of key ministries in KR-I, held a series of preparatory meetings with Parliament members, representatives of independent institutions, Judiciary Council and civil society actors to address seven thematic areas pertaining to human rights issues in KR-I. Thematic areas are: the rule of law, women rights, child and minority groups, freedom of expression, internally displaced persons, administration of justice, compliance with international law, and upholding human rights while combating terrorism.

His Excellency Minister Falah Mustafa opened the event and reaffirmed the Regional Government’s commitment to work with UNAMI HRO to uphold human rights in KR-I, in spite of the economic, political and security challenges. He paid tribute to martyrs who lay their lives on the frontlines for the liberation of areas under the control of the so-called Islamic State for Iraq and the Levant. Mr. Dhiya Botros, the Head of IBHR, explained the role of IBHR in initiating and monitoring the process of the Regional Plan of Action. Ms. Roueida El Hage, Head of the UNAMI Human Rights Office in Erbil, highlighted the importance of the Regional Plan of Action in advancing the implemetation of recommendations in preparation of the next cycle of Iraq, scheduled to take place in 2018 at the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The Expert Meeting completed the drafting of a UPR Regional Action Plan to be adopted by mid-December in a conference at DFR in Erbil.

The UPR was created by the General Assembly in March 2006 in resolution 60/251 to undertake a universal periodic review, based on objective and reliable information, of the fulfilment by each State of its human rights obligations and commitments in a manner that ensures universality of coverage and equal treatment with respect to all States. The first and second UPR cycles of Iraq were conducted respectively in 2010 and 2014.

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