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Iraq signs Agreement with the Commission of Border Crossing Points

5 February 2021 Baghdad — The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Iraq has signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) with the Commission of Border Crossing Points.

This agreement will lead to stronger migration and border management capacities for the Government of Iraq, through tailored interventions that aim to meet the objectives of the Global Compact on Migration and the national strategic framework, that includes the National Migration Strategy.

The MOC will be realised as part of IOM Iraq’s ongoing support for the Government of Iraq’s capacity building efforts in the area of migration management, and through engagement with the newly established National Migration Strategy.

“This agreement represents an important milestone in the longstanding and robust relationship that IOM has progressively built with the Commission of Border Crossing Points and the Government of Iraq as a whole,” said IOM Iraq Chief of Mission Gerard Waite. “It complements important efforts to improve migration management and rebuild capacity at border points, to create the conditions for sustainable security as well as safe orderly and regular migration.”

“The agreement between the two sides is concerned with strengthening capacities for managing migration and borders. It will enhance services provided in this area to make the process more effective," said Brig. Hassan Al-Ghazali, Deputy Chair of the Commission.

Activities carried out under the MOC will build on the community-oriented Integrated Border Management (IBM) model to further promote comprehensive migration management based on the principles of democracy, citizenship and human rights under the rule of law; support for economic development; the prevention and combatting of crime and terrorism; and the effective provision of assistance and services to the public.

IOM Iraq’s work in support of the government’s migration and integrated border management capacity is funded by the Governments of the United States, Canada and Australia, as well as the European Union.

For more information, please contact IOM Iraq’s Public Information Unit, Tel: +964 751 402 2811, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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