Excellency Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Husayn Shahristani;  

Excellency Foreign Minister Mr. Hoshyar Zibari; 

Excellency Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Abdul-Karim Yasin Al-Samarra’i; 

Excellency Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Mr. Safa al-Din Al-Safi; 

Honorable members of the Council of Representatives; 

Honorable governors of Babel, Salahuddine, and Diwaniya; 

Honorable representatives of the diplomatic corps in Baghdad

Distinguished guests

Colleagues and friends 

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Your Excellency, Syed Ammar Hakeem, Excellencies, Iraq’s Faili Kurdish community, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Twenty-seventh session of the Governing Council/
Global Ministerial Environment Forum
18 - 22 February 2013
UNEP Headquarters, United Nations Complex, Gigiri
Nairobi, Kenya

Special high level session on Sand and Dust-storms


I feel honoured to be here with you today at this important event.

We came here to Nairobi from many different countries to discuss how we can make a difference.


We care about the environment.

National Centre for Human Rights, Baghdad 19 December 2012

Minister for Human Rights, Engineer Shiya Al Sudaani, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am honoured to be here with you today for the publication of the Ministry of Human Rights’ report on implementation of the National Action Plan for Human Rights.

1 February 2012
Your Excellency the Speaker of the Council of Representatives,
Your Excellency the Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives,
Your Excellencies the Chairs of Committees and Heads of Blocs
Distinguished members of the Council of Representatives
Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is my honour to address the distinguished parliamentary representatives of the Iraqi people on this occasion. As you may know, I arrived in Iraq to take up my duties recently; I look forward to learning a great deal from you at the discussions today and to meeting you individually soon. عربي

Baghdad, 15 September 2011
Your Excellency Speaker of the Council of Representatives,
Your Excellency, State Minister for Women Affairs
Distinguished Members of Parliament,
Distinguished Civil Society Representatives,
Ladies and gentlemen,

11 July 2011
Today is a welcome occasion to highlight the new stage that Iraq has embarked upon after so many years of suffering and devastation. It is the stage of substituting the confrontation of the past for cooperation towards a joint future. It is the stage where quality of life will be the yardstick after long years when primarily survival mattered. It is the stage also of counting the people that make up Iraq: counting the numbers as much as counting the aspirations. In order to deliver services accordingly the one cannot be without the other.

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