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Iraq’s Commission of Integrity, with the support of the Central Statistics Office and UNDP Iraq launched findings from its study on corruption and integrity in Iraq’s public sector.

In Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Parliament formally ratified the Child Protection Law on 28 July 2013. This important protection law seeks to improve the lifestyle of Kurdish children.  The long awaited ratification of the treaty, which demands protection of children’s rights, came after a long discussion among Kurdish law makers on Sunday. According to the law, this is the duty of government to enhance citizen’s understanding of child rights, and to deal with child labor that the region is facing.

In Dohuk, UNICEF Spanish Committee Ambassador and two-time NBA champion Pau Gasol returned from a visit to Syrian refugees.

UNFPA organized two parallel peer education training sessions in June and July with the participation of 34 young Syrian refugees and four women volunteers who work in the Women’s Social Centre.

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Summer is not a synonym for holidays, at least not for the group of women leaders and MPs from the Women for Lasting Peace Initiative that met with UN representatives in Baghdad on 17 July 2013.

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By Fabienne Vinet, PIO, UNAMI

Being a journalist in Iraq is still often a challenge, but being a woman journalist in Iraq is even more difficult. Under-represented, often underestimated and poorly equipped, the route is not easy for the women who hope to work in media.

“Turning your hobby into your work is one of the best things that can happen in life,” said Mr. Idriss Najehl, a beekeeper from Abu Khanazeer village in the province of Diyala.

Around 1.5 million people in Iraq are refugees or internally displaced people, women, men and children who struggle every day to meet their basic needs and access essential services. While finding shelter and ensuring food for these people are obvious immediate priorities, education should be part of the emergency response as well as of long-term plans.

The number of informal settlements in Baghdad is increasing, and the Baghdad Provincial Council estimates that there are more than 220 settlements today. Government officials say this problem did not exist in the city before 2003 and that it was aggravated by the sectarian violence of 2006.

“The current security situation in Syria, along with the desire to protect my children, forced me to leave my home,” said Samira, a middle-aged Syrian mother who fled home with her four children months ago.

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