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8 May 2019, Castle of Culture and Arts, Tikrit city, Salah al-Din: UNAMI Human Rights Office celebrated the Minorities and Human Rights Film Festival in Tikrit with 45 participants including, Tikrit’s Director of Police and representatives of Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Health, the Provincial Council, Tikrit Community Police, Police Protection of Family and Children Unit, NGOs, as well as academics from Tikrit University, women activists, journalists, human rights defenders, actors, a musician, and a film director.

The films triggered lively panel and audience discussions of human rights issues raised in the films. Those issues include enforced disappearances, forced marriage, child marriage, child labour and begging, identity and the situation of displaced families, discrimination against minorities, violence against women and children, and the negative impact of corruption on the ability to exercise human rights.

Once again, the most popular film, according to the audience, was Cinderella (on poverty and orphandom due to war) followed by Colours (discrimination against minorities). Black Lens (corruption) and Give Me My Chance (displacement and access to education) also polled strongly.


Photos: UNAMI PIO/Harith Al-Obaidi

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Al-Zubair, Basra, 30 April 2019 - 90 women and 40 men from the African descent Iraqi community, and the Sabean, Sunni and Shi’a communities, including police officers, human rights activists, civil society organizations members, artists and youth joined UN Human Rights to celebrate the minorities and human rights film festival in al-Zubair.

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Al-Iraqiya University, Baghdad, 2 May: Over 100 women and men, including academics and students from the Arts Faculty of the Al-Iraqiya University joined UN Human Rights for a film festival on minorities and human rights in Baghdad Governorate.

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Kirkuk Cultural Centre, Kirkuk City, 30 April 2019: 75 men and women from Turkmen, Kurdish, Arab, Christian, Kakai, Shia and Sunni communities, including members of civil society, government, youth, tribal and religious leaders, human rights defenders, academics and artists, including film directors, joined UN Human Rights to celebrate the minorities and human rights film festival in Kirkuk.

University of Babil, Babil, 28 April 2019: 100 Fine Arts students and academics, the human rights section of Babil University, NGO staff, artists, and the Babil branch of the Iraqi High Commission of Human Rights (IHCHR) joined UNAMI Human Rights Office in celebrating the Minorities and Human Rights Film Festival at Babil University today.

ESYAN Camp, Duhok, Iraq, 24 April 2019 – Although the Kurdistan Region will not be participating in Iraq’s upcoming provincial council elections, those Iraqi citizens who have been displaced into the Kurdistan Region from elsewhere in the country by terrorism and recent conflict will nonetheless get an opportunity to cast their ballots as though they were in their places of origin - but this can only be achieved if they register now while they still have the opportunity.

On 23 April 2019, about one hundred students of the Polytechnic Institute in Kalar District took part in the 3x3 Film Festival organized by the UNAMI Human Rights Office.

Halabja, Iraq, 24 April 2019 – Students of the Halabja Technical College for Applied Sciences in Halabja Governorate took part in the 3x3 Film Festival organized by the UNAMI Human Rights Office.

Kirkuk, Iraq, 22 April 2019 - On 20 April, the Iraqi Journalists’ Syndicate – Kirkuk Branch hosted a workshop on the role of media in promoting coexistence and civil peace among different communities in Kirkuk. The event was attended by journalists, media professionals, academics, intellectuals representing all communities, Iraqi Turkmen Front and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan politicians.

Kirkuk, Iraq, 23 April 2019 -- On 22 April, the Human Rights Office (HRO) of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the Iraqi Bar Association-Kirkuk Chapter jointly conducted a training session on “Understanding national and international fair trial guarantees.” Ten new practicing lawyers, including five women, participated in the training, which was followed by an interactive plenary discussion.

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