Triumph over adversity: Yazidis celebrate Sari Sali!

Lalish, Iraq - Despite the tragedy that befell the Yazidi community since the onslaught of the Dae’sh terrorist group in Iraq in 2014, leading to persecution of thousands of Yazidis and mass destruction of Iraqi heritage, culture and infrastructure, the community in Iraq and from the diaspora joyously convened on 18 April 2018 at the grand Yazidi Temple in Lalish, in Northern Iraq, to celebrate Sari Sali (New Year) for the first time with the country freed from the terrorists who have deliberately and systematically singled out Yazidi men for annihilation and women for enslavement.

For Yazidis, the New Year marks the completion of the creation of the world after seven days. On this day, the Archangel Tawsi Melek commanded by the Supreme God known in Yazidism as “Xude” descended to Earth in the form of a peacock angel and threw the “Barat” (the yeast of life) on Earth. This transformed it from a liquid state to a solid state. Eggs have their meaning also in this religion; their colour represent the beauty of Spring and life after its completion.

The opportunity to celebrate Sari Sali this year signifies the triumph of the Yazidis in the face of adversity, and on this auspicious occasion, the community lights 365 candles in the Lalish Temple as a symbol to bring hope and light to humanity throughout the year.

Followers of the once closed confession are resilient and now more open about sharing their traditions and beliefs.

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Photos: Courtesy of Yazda NGO
Al-Sumaria TV

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  • Agency: UNAMI

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