IHEC-UNAMI Hold a Joint Press Conference to Announce the Start of Campaigning Period

By Randa Jamal
On 6 February 2010, the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) for Iraq held a joint press conference with UNAMI, to address both international and national media in Iraq. The objectives of the conference included, among others, announcing the start of the election campaign and laying emphasis on the restrictions during campaigning ahead of the Council of Representatives Election, scheduled for 7 March 2010.


The introductory and closing remarks were relayed by IHEC Spokesperson, Judge Qassim Sachit, and speeches delivered by IHEC Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Faraj Al-Haydari, the Mayor of Baghdad, Saber Al-Issawi, and IHEC Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Hamdiya Al-Hussaini.


The IHEC Chairman announced that the campaigning period starts on 12 February 2010. He emphasized the importance of increasing campaigning awareness and participating in a democratic process. He also stressed that those who violate the rules and regulations will be held responsible by facing fines and imprisonment. “Although IHEC will play a vital role in setting the rules and regulations for the electoral campaigning, Iraqi civil society, international observers, political entities, among others, should have a role as well”, he said. Listing the materials not allowed to be used by political entities or candidates during the campaigning period, the Commissioner indicated how costly the clean up would be if compliance with the rules and regulations are not met.


Judge Qassim emphasized, “For the candidates who would not care about keeping their cities clean, they would be unworthy of running in a parliamentary election”. In addition to this he spoke about the voting procedures: in and outside of Iraq.


The IHEC’s CEO indicated that all logistical preparations are in place for the 7 March 2010 parliamentary election. She also listed all the countries in which voting for Iraqis will be possible: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Sweden, Syria, Turkey, UAE, UK and USA, including the date for special voting of 4 March 2010.


For her part, UNAMI Chief Technical Advisor for the IHEC was interviewed by media representatives on the role of the UN in providing technical assistance to the IHEC.

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