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UNAMI Statement on the occasion of International Day of Peace

Statement of Mr. Madhu Acharya, Director, Political and Constitutional Affairs, UNAMI
On the occasion of International Day of Peace

21 September 2011
Honorable Minister, distinguished guests, participants
Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the United Nations, I commend the Hon. Minister of Human Rights for organizing this event today to celebrate International Day of Peace and inviting us to attend.

Peace is one of humanity’s most precious needs.

For us at the United Nations, it is our highest calling that defines our mission.
September 21, the International Day of Peace, is an occasion for humanity to take stock of itself and its efforts to live in peace.

You would all agree with me that Iraq has made significant strides and continues to exert efforts towards institutionalizing peace, often with huge price during the last several decades, a price that civilians all over the country continue to pay on a daily basis.

On behalf of the UNAMI, I would like to commend all of you, representatives from the Government, Parliament and the civil society for the enormous efforts made towards ensuring lasting peace for Iraq and its people, despite the enormous challenges.

The international community, including the United Nations, is a strong partner to the people and Government of Iraq in this important endeavor.

The path is however still a long one and as we continue to see on daily basis targeted and indiscriminate acts of violence, but this should not discourage us.

This year’s theme on International Day of Peace is on peace and democracy.
As the Secretary-General said in his message on the occasion, and I quote, “Democracy is a core value of the United Nations. It is crucial for human rights. It provides channels for resolving differences. It gives hope to the marginalized… and power to the people. But democracy does not just happen; it has to be nurtured… and defended”.

Peace can only be broadened with democratic institutions and a broader participation of the civil society.
Peace can only be sustained with justice fundamental human rights institutionalized.
Iraq still faces several challenges towards institutionalizing peace.
There are still ongoing violations of human rights.
There are outstanding political issues to be addressed.
Women’s participation in the political process has to be broadened.
Minorities need better protection.
The aspirations of youth need to be better addressed.
Institutions will have to be strengthened on democratic principles.
And most importantly, Iraq will have to soon regain its international place, exiting from Chapter VII.
In all these endeavors, the United Nations stands ready as a partner with the Government and people of Iraq.
At the United Nations, the Day is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace and paying tribute to the many individuals who speak out in favour of peace.
Here, we should salute the people of Iraq for their courageous commitment to peace and democracy, sometimes even at huge costs and despite enormous challenges.
This day belongs to the people of Iraq.
Thank you.

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