Thursday, 11 February 2010 03:00

The High Level Task Force calls on political parties in Kirkuk to vacate education facilities

Baghdad, 11 February 2010 - The High Level Task Force established to discuss the situation in Kirkuk and other areas held another meeting under UNAMI auspices.  The senior representatives in the Task Force from the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government continue to meet regularly to address the specific needs of the residents in the areas being considered.


The representatives jointly called on political parties in Kirkuk governorate to vacate education buildings and land currently being occupied.  Guided by the Iraqi Council of Ministers, and based on information provided by the Director General of Education, relevant government authorities are being asked to take action.  It is expected that the Iraq Council of Ministers will take further action.

The Task Force reiterated the importance of returning these facilities to normal operation, especially given the shortage of schools currently experienced in the province.  SRSG Melkert noted that “in light of the school building shortage in the Kirkuk Province and the obvious benefit to all communities from reducing that shortage as soon as possible, this is a very encouraging and important step.”

Additionally, the Task Force confirmed the right of every Iraqi child to education in their mother tongue as well as the importance of transferring detainees to the governorates they originated from and immediately investigating the status of missing persons.

Together the Task Force members underscored the solidarity among Iraqis and the importance of continuing work on the needs of the areas being considered as a way to develop trust between communities in Kirkuk and in the other areas.

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