Saturday, 16 April 2011 03:00

UNAMI expresses concern over events at Camp Ashraf

Baghdad, 16 April 2011 --The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has been in close contact with the Iraqi Authorities with regard to the events of 7-8 April in Camp Ashraf, Iraq. Following a monitoring visit to the camp on Wednesday, 13 April, UNAMI met with the Iraqi authorities and shared with them the initial findings, confirming the death of 34 people with dozens injured.


UNAMI has expressed deep concern over the events and has repeatedly urged the Government of Iraq (GoI) to refrain from the use of force. UNAMI has noted the initiative of the GoI to establish a commission of inquiry and expects such a commission to be independent and to start its work without delay.

UNAMI stands ready to provide documentation resulting from the mission to Ashraf. UNAMI will continue to assist the GoI in search of a permanent solution to the issues of Camp Ashraf in line with international humanitarian and human rights law and seeks the support of the international community in these efforts.

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