Monday, 25 April 2011 03:00

Standing Consultation Mechanism Meet Under UNAMI Auspices

 Baghdad, 25 April 2011 -- A meeting took place in the framework of the Standing Consultation Mechanism under UNAMI auspices to advance resolution of the Disputed Internal Boundary issues.  This meeting was dedicated to Kirkuk, with special focus on conditions necessary to enable the holding of provincial council elections.


In the discussions, the parties emphasized the importance of local participation and agreed to hold an expanded meeting in the coming week with the participation of Kirkuk stakeholders to begin to address the outstanding concerns.

"UNAMI was pleased by the positive atmosphere and welcomes the commitment of the parties shown today to advance this issue and to fully include representatives from Kirkuk", said the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq, Mr. Ad Melkert.

The meeting was facilitated by SRSG Ad Melkert and attended by Dr. Rowsch Shawis, Deputy Prime Minister, CoR members Mr. Hassan Al-Sunaid and Dr. Salman Al-Jumaili.

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