Thursday, 16 June 2011 03:00

UNAMI hosts a Meeting within the Context of the Standing Consultative Mechanism

Baghdad, 16 June 2011: Under the auspices of UNAMI and within the context of the Standing Consultative Mechanism (SCM), the Special Representative of the Secretary General, Mr. Ad Melkert, hosted a meeting today for Kirkuk\'s Kurdish, Arab, Turkoman and Christian members of the Council of Representatives in order to discuss ways forward on issues related to Kirkuk including Provincial Council elections and power sharing.

 The SRSG Melkert noted that "This meeting is a continuation of efforts of the United Nations Assistance Mission to bring together the various components of Kirkuk towards addressing outstanding issues in an open dialogue." He added, "The discussion amongst the various components was constructive and UNAMI will continue to intensively engage with the parties to facilitate negotiations with the objective to reach an agreement."


Representatives of the parties appreciated the efforts by UNAMI to bring them together. The meeting was held in a positive atmosphere with all parties agreeing to continue discussions and to work together towards solutions.


The meeting was attended by CoR members Arif Tayfoor, Omar Khalaf Jawad al-Jibouri, Ibraheem al-Muhairi, Abdalla Gharab, Yassin al-Ubaidi, Jala Naftaji, Arshad al-Salihi, Khalid Shwani, Ala Talabani, Emad Youkhanna, Serwan Ahmed Kader, Layla Hassan Mashkour and Delair Abdelkader Omar.

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