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Martin Kobler Meets with Iraqi State Minister for Women’s Affairs; Calls for Empowering Iraqi Women

Baghdad, 6 March 2012 - The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq, Mr. Martin Kobler, today met at his residence in Baghdad with the Iraqi State Minister for Women’s Affairs, Dr. Ibtihal Gasid Al-Zubaidi. عربي كوردی

The discussions focused on the status of Iraqi women and progress made in implementing Iraq’s international commitments to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. SRSG Kobler also discussed with Dr. Al-Zubaidi the activities and programmes undertaken by the United Nations family to support Iraq’s efforts in fulfilling both its international and national commitments to improve the status of women in the country. He also sought her views on what the United Nations can additionally do to assist in furthering women’s empowerment in Iraq.


“The protection of women’s rights and their empowerment was identified as a priority of the Government’s National Development Plan. This is already an achievement and an important step forward.  However, Iraqi women are yet to have their rightful status as defined in all the international instruments that Iraq has committed itself to, including the Millennium Declaration, and to be truly empowered to actually partake in all processes and decision-making in all fields and at all levels,” SRSG Kobler said.


SRSG Kobler assured Dr. Al-Zubaidi of the UN’s full readiness to continue assisting the Iraqi Government, Parliament and all relevant Iraqi stakeholders, in particular civil society, in their efforts to promote and protect Iraqi women’s and girls’ economic, social and political rights and to further gender equality in the country. He particularly emphasized the need for women’s representation in the Government, Parliament and Iraqi independent commissions as well as their participation in the upcoming national conference and the ongoing consultations related to this event.


“I am looking forward to further discussions and cooperation between the UN and the Government of Iraq on this crucial joint priority. I am hopeful that the events that will be held two days from now across Iraq to celebrate International Women’s Day will effectively contribute to mobilizing national efforts to promote gender equality and women’s rights,” SRSG Kobler concluded.

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