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SRSG Kobler Calls for Promotion and Protection of Culture and Freedom of Expression in Iraq

Baghdad, 7 March 2012 -- The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq, Mr. Martin Kobler, met yesterday, 6 March, with Dr. Ali Al-Shalah, the Chairman of the Cultural and Media Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, to discuss the role of culture in Iraq and means to strengthen it, as well as the assistance the UN can extend in this regard. Media protection was also discussed during the meeting. عربي  كوردی

Mr. Kobler stressed the United Nations’ keenness to continue its support for the protection and promotion of culture and cultural heritage in Iraq. “The power and role of culture are often underestimated, but culture is crucial for the development of society and should be supported and strengthened,” he said. “Culture is the basis of every healthy and developed society. It builds dialogue and cultural activities should be supported and receive adequate funding.”  


SRSG Kobler further indicated that freedom of expression is a key concern for the UN in Iraq. He believes that the media is a critical actor in the promotion and protection of democracy and rule of law in Iraq and in ensuring accountability to the country’s people.


“Journalists in Iraq have been the target of attacks and abuse. Their sacrifices are to be honored and their rights must be protected,” he stated. “The UN is willing to support Iraq in nurturing a free and vibrant media that can play an effective role in supporting Iraq’s drive towards strengthening democracy and the rule of law.”

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