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EU’s contribution of USD2.8 million provided relief to Iraqi children in emergency camps

Baghdad, Iraq, 21 May 2020 – A recent contribution of USD2.8 million by the European Union has provided immediate relief to 90,000 vulnerable people –half of them children – in emergency camps in Salamiya, Hamam al Alil and Jeda'a 1 and 5 IDP camps within Ninawa governorate.

Only 39 per cent of Iraq’s population have access to safely managed drinking water. The situation is particularly dire for thousands of vulnerable families living in camps and who depend on humanitarian support for their survival.

“The generous contribution from the EU enabled UNICEF to continue trucking in safe water for drinking and cooking. This helped to protect the health of children and their families from dangerous diseases, including Acute Watery Diarrhea and Cholera, both which can result from the consumption of unsafe water,” said Hamida Lasseko, UNICEF Representative in Iraq.

Funds were also used to support appropriate sanitation facilities and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment through care maintenance and waste management, water quality monitoring and distribution.

Iraqi and non-Iraqi children continue to be vulnerable to violence, abuse and exploitation and in need of protection prevention and response services in both camp and non-camp settings. In addition, many of the children in former conflict areas do not have birth certificate and other civil document, which is a legacy of conflict and upheaval in Iraq. This has restricted their ability to move out of camps and to access to social services like health, education and social protection.

Thanks to the EU’s longstanding support, UNICEF has also been able to;
- repatriate 200 foreign children back to their countries of origin;
- provide psychosocial services to 4,235 children (2125 girls);
- legal assistance to 596 children (188 girls) in contact with the law;
- A further 1,107 children (373 girls) received birth registration and civil documentation.


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