Short Film Festival on Minorities and Human Rights in Alqosh District

Alqosh District, 16 July 2019 - UN Human Rights conducted a short film festival on Minorities and Human Rights in Iraq with 35 Christians and Yezedis, mostly women, including students, activists, and representatives of women associations and NGOs, at the Youth Center in Alqosh.

Panelists, including a specialist on women’s psycho-social issues, discussed human rights concerns raised in the short films as well as other human rights issues, including those affecting minorities. Human rights issues highlighted in the films included enforced disappearances, forced marriage, child marriage, identity and displacement, access to education, and the impact of corruption on rights including the right to life. This was the 33rd screening of the films, as UN Human Rights Iraq continues to show the best short films on minorities and human rights from the 3By3 Film Festival to audiences across Iraq.

Photos by UNAMI HRO

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